110 to 300 ton

★ It adopts the closed-back structure and the high-rigidity frame structure. Meanwhile, it is manufactured through welding high-quality steel plates and the internal stress is removed through annealing, which improves stability and reliability of precision of the complete machine greatly.

★ The transmission center and the center of the complete machine are consistent, which guarantees precision and stability of stamping; adoption of the symmetrical design method of the two balancer devices guarantees the relative stationarity of the operation of the machine.

★ The precision of die adjustment can reach 0.1mm and the die adjustment is safe, convenient and reliable; heat treatment quenching and precision grinding are conducted for the gear pair and sliding pair, so the transmission is stable, the precision is high and the durability is strong.    

★  It adopts combination of the pneumatic wet-type friction plate clutch and the brake, and the double

 solenoid valve the famous brands, so it has a long service life, low noise and high security.

★ This machine adopts PLC control method, and it can be provided with the automatic production
line and uncoiling leveling device to automated stamping production of a single machine or many
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