110 to 300 ton

★ It is designed through adopting the high-rigidity frame structure. In addition, it is manufactured through welding high-quality steel plates and the internal stress is removed through annealing, which improves stability and reliability of precision of the complete machine greatly.

★ The double crank shafts are designed in the reverse way, which counteracts side force of the linkage slide block and improves stationarity of transmission.  

★ It adopts the symmetrical design method of the two balancer devices, which guarantees the relative stationarity of the machine’s operation. 

★ The precision of die adjustment can reach 0.1mm and the die adjustment is safe, convenient and reliable; heat treatment quenching and precision grinding are conducted for the gear pair and sliding pair, so the transmission is stable, the precision is high and the durability is strong.    

★ The hydraulic overload protective device is adopted, so the machine can respond rapidly and sensitively and have high security. This machine adopts PLC control method, and it can be provided with the automatic production line and uncoiling leveling device to achieve automated stamping production of a single machine or many machines.
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