25 to 300 ton

★The lathe bed of  the machine is formed by welding steel  plates and it is conducted the artificial aging treatment and shot blasting passivation anticorrosive processing, so deformation of the lathe bed of the machine is small and the rigidity of the lathe bed of the machine is good;

★Combination of pneumatic wet-type friction plate clutch and brake make the machine have a long service life, lower noise and high security ;heat treatment quenching and precision grinding are conducted for the gear pair and sliding pair, so the transmission is stable and the precision is high;

★It adopts PLC control mode, so the machine can achieve emergency stop, inching, single and continuous impact load and the universality is high; it can coordinate with the automatic feeding device to form the automaticstamping production line of a single machine or many machines, so the efficiency is high;

★The standard configurations of the machine are double-hand button operation,wet-type friction plate clutch maker,hydraulic overload protection, adiustment motor, automatic lubricating system (model above 1100kN),and motor adjustment control height (model above 630 kN); 

★In addition, in accordance with different production requirements, accessories, such as photoelectric protector, constant-speed motor, air cushion, output shaft or die protective device, can be chosen to be installed.
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